Simple Goals for May 2020

2020 has taken a lot of us by surprise with the rise of the global pandemic and stay-at-home orders being enforced. I thought it was going to pass quickly, and everything would be normal again in a few weeks.

Needless to say, I was VERY wrong. The state of North Carolina is beginning “Phase 1” of reopening May 8th, and I am terrified but excited to be able to go back to a normal-ish way of living.

Anywaysss, the partial reopening allows me to have new goals that I couldn’t do last month, and I figured I’d share them for a little motivation.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” 

-Albert Einstein

1. Get a job

I decided not to get a job during my freshman year of college because I wanted to focus on school, meeting people, and just having the best time I could. Fast-forward to the end of the school year; I am completely broke, so it’s definitely time for me to get a job. 

When I was home from college and before COVID-19 was really known, I talked to the owners of a boat dock near my neighborhood. My plan to contact them when the businesses open later this week to see if the job is still available. 

Another option is cleaning beach houses on the weekends but, let’s be honest…. NO ONE wants to spend their weekend cleaning up after tourists. 

2. Workout at least 4 times a week

In high school, I played about every sport possible and was active every single day. Still, since going to college, I lost all my muscle and was eating pizza and chicken nuggets from the dining hall every day.

Now it’s time to get crackin’, and I’m challenging myself to workout at least four times a week. I am not the best when it comes to making myself exercise. Sometimes, I just want to lay in bed and watch Netflix all day.

I think four times is a great starting point because it gives your body time to rest. You have a little wiggle room if you aren’t feeling too motivated one day!

3. Get in the sun more

I don’t know about y’all, but I have turned as pale as a ghost since being stuck in quarantine. The beach is the first place im going when phase 1 begins. Laying out on the beach is my favorite thing to do wether its warm or cold because it bring such a peaceful vibe.

Hanging out with friends (outside, of course) is another thing I can’t wait to do because being in the house alone is making me go a little stir-crazy! Nature gives me a sense of freedom and the sun on my face makes me feel 10x better!!

4. Look for an apartment

 I plan on transferring from the university I’m currently at because it was extremely expensive being out of state. So now I have to look for apartments in a new city, and it is sooo intimidating. 

 I’ve seen so many apartments I like, but it comes with a lot of expenses. Since it’s just me moving, its a lot more expensive for a whole apartment to yourself. As a result, expect a lot of money-saving posts in the future!! 

5. Focus on things I enjoy

 Overall, this month I just want to do stuff that makes me happy, whether that’s painting, going to the beach, online shopping, cooking, or anything else desired. 

            I plan to focus on self-care and pamper myself, and I suggest y’all do too. It’s always good to sit back, relax, and take care of yourself; it’ll make you feel damn great! 

That’s all for now, see ya next time! xoxo, Kristin

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